Class of 2025 expected to be the biggest, most diverse ever | Pew Research Center

Most probably won’t see a problem. This will most likely be classed as another example of extreem minority or #blackparanoia but another lifetime ago I took a Military Science class in which we discussed the use of subliminal advertising in commercials and how propaganda was utilized during several wars. From that point on I wanted to utilize my psychology degree in the Army branch of Military Intelligence. Fortunately for me, God had other plans for my life, plans for me to help others not to hurt others.

Yet after all these years my fascination with and independent study of subliminal advertising, #unconsciousbias and propaganda especially #whitepropaganda has only increased.

Back to point of this post. It’s been studied and documented for years that within the next two decades whites will be a minority in the U S of A. (Personally, I think this fact along with the associated white fear are what have given rise to Trump.) Unfortunately, even knowing this fact Media propaganda still places the white man in control. An example is the a accompanying cover page to a time article discussing the class of 2025. I will let the picture speak for itself.


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