In theaters August 4 – STEP the true-life story of a girls’ high-school step team from Baltimore.

Given the high level of disregard and disrespect shown to women and women’s rights in this male dominated society especially under the new administration it’s up to women to support projects that support women. As much as we might wish that it wasn’t still so Hollywood has not been exempt from societies disregard of women. The leads in movies are still overwhelmingly male and females are still underpaid compared to male costars. After decades of superhero movies it’s only been in recent years that we have had a movie with a female superhero. It’s well beyond time for more movies highlighting girls and women’s stories.

Into this void comes a documentary highlighting teenage girls and the step-team that gives them a since of purpose.

STEP-life story of a girls’ high-school step team against the background of the heart of Baltimore. These young women learn to laugh, love and thrive – on and off the stage – even when the world seems to work against them.

Similar to the recently-released movie Girls Trip this documentary is about women, minority (black) women especially. The data from Girls Trip indicates that the majority of the crowd that went to see the movie was made up of women.

According to Box Office Mojo, the crowd that went to see Girls Trip was largely made up of women, who comprised 79 percent of the audience for the movie’s opening. 59 percent of the audience was Black, 19 percent was white, 17 percent was Hispanic, and 3 percent was Asian.

Girls Trip The Malcolm D. Lee-directed project placed at No.2; impressive when you consider that Girls Trip cost $20 million to produce and opened to $30.4 million (double what experts predicted).

It’s without a doubt that STEP is a much needed movie for the overlook teenage girl. Just like women have embraced the Pitch Perfect series and Girls Trip it’s up to women to embrace and elevate STEP.


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