A White woman’s @HeidiStevens13 critique/judgment against black women @chicagotribune

‘Girls Trip’ is fantastic. But one tiny quibble about the ‘other woman’

White women, or at least the white woman columnist @HeidiStevens13 of the above mentioned article have different opinions on how to handle the ‘Other Woman’. Unfortunately, these opinions include biased critiques and judgements of black women.

While in movies white women seem to have this fantasy Utopia where the ‘Other Woman’ becomes her new BFF or maybe where she’s allowed to confront the other woman at her place of work with no consequence. I doubt if either would work in a black reality/movie but it makes good white movie plots.

As for my black woman reality, and the reality portrayed in the movie, Girls Trip, the other woman can be an in your face obstacle to your joy that refuses to go away or be ignored. Think an almost Fatal Attraction or Obsession.

Jill Scott spoke to the interfering ex/other woman in her song “Gettin’ In The Way” {sugar honey girl fly fly away I been a lady up to now don’t know how much more I can take Queens shouldn’t swing if you know what I mean But I’m bout to take my earrings off get me some Vaseline (You better go on get out my face girl you better chill) Chill and I mean it (You better back down before you get smacked down you better chill) You better relax yourself (You better go on get out my face girl you better chill)} .

Because in my black woman reality, as well as the one portrayed in the movie, if you continuously show up where you know I will be and continue to get in my face like a stalker attempting to steal my joy I am obligated to physically demonstrate to you the error of your ways.

Unlike the white women who wrote this article suggest I am not obligated to allow you to steal my joy nor am I obligated to care about your well-being and empowerment, welcome you with open arms, love and sisterhood or give you the respect you refuse to give me based upon just your femininity. For future reference, one way for our misguided columnist to determine if the behaviors are acceptable or a step close to that Fatal Attraction line is to imagine that it is a man engaging in the behaviors.

Imagine if you will that a male co-worker of the husband’s followed the wife on vacation and continually showed up where the wife was at; the movie wouldn’t then be a comedy but a psychological thriller and the fight scene would become women not allowing themselves to be victimized.

Just something to think about before “one tiny quibble” demonstrates unconscious white biased judgements.



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