‘Confederate’ writers defend modern U.S. slavery show as scary but real | One America News Network

I absolutely LOVE the inherent #racism and #whiteprivilege in this vision of an alternative America. While the creators of the show don’t see the #Racism in the creation of the show the simple fact that the men took that one event, “slavery”, from America’s past is testimony of their inherent #Racism. Simply put the fact that they didn’t even consider the outcomes of the other wars that contributed to the foundation of the United States of America but the one focused on the subjugation of African people is proof of their Racism without Racist and #WhitePrivilage mentality. But I can understand where they come from because if I was to write an alternative history to the United States of America I too would pick a time and event that leads to a positive outlook for Native Americans, Africans brought to the Americas and maybe the Mexican people. I would not have the British winning the American Revolution but it’s more than probable that wars with other countries that would change the ethnic diversity of the good old US of A would be lost.


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