Watch “The most wanted Black Woman in America Assata Shakur? It is important that we know her story” on YouTube

After all the current cases of black people gunned down by police and/or white vigilantes (stand your ground advocates) me, myself and I state for the record that I doubt that the truth will ever be known about the events that lead to her conviction for murder. 

For the record I me, myself and I state that it’s not just Black Folks Paranoia (BFP) that makes me assume;

1. That I am being followed around the store to make sure I don’t steal rather than to be offered assistance

2. That police are more likely to stop and give me a ticket rather than a warning

3. That being big and black makes white people consider you a threat 

4. That police officers are more likely to take an aggressive tone when addressing a black person and that police will escalate the situation to physical violence even when the black person is being passive in their non-compliance. 

5. That police/government Intelligence agencies have a history of forcing confessions, manifactoring evidence, outright violating the rights of black citizenship in order to quickly settle cases or cover-up other illegal activities that they have knowledge about


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