Italy And The Holocaust Foundation

On July 14, 1938 he embraced the “Manifesto of the Racial Scientist”, which stated that the civilization of Italy is of Aryan origin, and there exists a pure Italian race to which Jews do not belong. This Manifesto was false and dishonest but was utilized to justify the racial laws. 

The Manifesto of Race (ItalianManifesto della razza), sometimes known as the Charter of Race or Racial Manifesto, was a manifesto published on 14 July 1938 which prepared the enactment, in October 1938, of the Racial Laws in Fascist Italy

One of the most appalling moves of the Fascist regime, racial laws were adopted in Italy in July, 1938 with the publication of the “Manifesto of Fascist Racism.” It declared that Italians were also descendants of the Aryan race. Under racial laws, marriages between Italians and Jews were abolished, Jews were banned from positions in banking, government, and education, and their properties were confiscated. These laws also targeted African races. The two pamphlets above concern themselves with Italians living in the new African colonies, and discuss the problems of raising Italian children in Africa (directed to women specifically) and miscegenation between Italians and Africans.


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