How Black Girls Aren’t Afforded the Presumption of Innocence – The Atlantic

During the enslavement of Africans in the Americas and Caribbean large healthy looking African female were chosen for their ability to work alongside the African men in the fields. When the slave trade was outlawed and sometimes before large healthy looking black females where breed to large healthy looking black males as well as any white male of power over the plantation in hopes of producing an unending supply of large healthy field workers. 

Tall at any age or place in time Sojourner Truth was 6’1″. This was the exception not the rule with most female slaves closer to 5′ than 6′ feet in height. But this is just another reason that slave owners were willing to go to such lengths to breed taller and thicker slaves. 

I myself at the age of 14 was 5’9″. Although I didn’t play up my height and size by wearing makeup or to sneek into clubs I was able to buy beer. Each of the girls pictured above are either missing or dead. 

Sadly I see too many young black girls subjected to school discipline by situations that escalated because the teacher thought them as a threat based upon their size or height.


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