Shock: The First Crusade and the Conquest of Jerusalem | | Al Jazeera

With the story of #HobbyLobby buying over 5,000 artifacts from dealers that were most likely looted from archaeological sites in the Middle East the question of the validity of the Crusades can be again questioned. Not only did the Crusades lead to the occupation/division/colonization of foreign nations in the Middle East but to the mass murder of Jewish and Muslims people alike and the pillaging (stealing) of “religious” artifacts by foreign (Christian) military forces all in the name of God…

#WhitePrivilege #WhoWritesHistory  #TheFirstCrusade &   #MurderNTheNameofGod #ConquestofJerusalem 

It’s a matter of great importance, today more than ever, to acknowledge that the history that is taught is always biased towards the writer. No historical account demonstrates this more than the story of the Crusades. Even knowing that the story is extremely biased it’s very difficult to find the other perspectives, Islamic and Judaism, of the Crusades.

The facts as known are that at the behest of the Roman Catholic Church an unified European (Western) military force on or around July 7-8, 1099 marched in a religious procession around Jerusalem walls as they conducted a siege on the city in the Middle East that was occupied by both Muslims and Jewish families.

An alternative version of the events could read that on or around July 7-8, 1099 a military force of barbarians from the north conducted an unprovoked attack and siege of the city Jerusalem occupied by both Muslims and Jewish families. 

Just something to think about


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