Want To Teach Your Kids Self-Control? Ask A Cameroonian Farmer From NPR News

This results compairson is laughable in terms of what is considered reliable psychological research. The audacity to even attempt to compare a sample of American children of 1960’s the majority of which were most likely White and associated with an institute of higher learning to children living in Africa in housing without even the American basics of water and electricity is preposterous.  

While I agree that there is much that could be learned by American parents from parents outside Western culture I don’t think that the results gleaned from the replication of this study should be used as that rationale. You cannot compair Apples to Tomatoes although both are red fruit. Additionally, what was not reported in this article was the fact that Walter Mischel had adopted and modified his Marshmallow study from a study he had conducted in Trinidad to observe how culture might affect a child’s ability to delayed reinforcement.

Speaking of culture, America thrives so much on the “Buy Now, Pay Later” instant gratification model that people who don’t engage in that behavior are considered poor financial risk.

Want To Teach Your Kids Self-Control? Ask A Cameroonian Farmer http://n.pr/2tlmRwt


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