From CNN: Man dies after swimming with new tattoo

I have several tattoos. When I first got the tattoos I would of never thought of how valuable a learning tool my tattoos would become for my teenage students. As most adults, teachers and parents, will tell you teenagers may only listen intently to about half of the instructions that they are given. That being the case it’s no wonder that a large majority of the teenagers who get tattoos don’t know the appropriate after-care for tattoos. That’s how my having tattoos became so vital. The teenagers because I have tattoos, that are still in very good condition after many years, are willing to listen and consider my concerns when I informed them that they weren’t taking the appropriate after-care of their own tattoos. None of the situations concerning the teenager’s tattoos ended up being as severe as the one discussed in this article but I have had to encourage some of the teenagers to see the school nurse.

Man dies after swimming with new tattoo


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