USA TODAY: Manchester emergency room: A look at hope, duty, and tragedy

In this world that we inhabit, within these societies we have created, I feel that it is more important than ever to have dogtags, a wristband, or an implanted chip in order to identify family members especially children, teens, handicapped or disabled. After the events of last weekend making sure we have an easy way to be identified, in case of emergency, for proper medical treatment is of major importance From USA TODAY

Manchester emergency room: A look at hope, duty, and tragedy

MANCHESTER, England — Doctor Steve Jones didn’t have a lot of information. He didn’t know why there was an explosion. He didn’t know much about singer Ariana Grande. He didn’t know the children who came into his emergency room, bloodied and crying.But there was one thing he did know: It was time for him to try and save lives. Even if he didn’t know their names.”The anonymity of it was also hard,” said Jones, a surgeon at Central Manchester University Hospital NHS Foundation Trust. “Some of the kids were separated from their families for a time. We were treating children and we just didn’t know who they were.”The horror of Monday night’s bombing in Manchester, which left 22 dead and over 100 injured, is particularly difficult for doctors and emergency personnel. Many of Ariana Grande’s fans are young people, and many of the concert-goers were teenagers or even younger, accompanied by their moms, sisters and brothers.


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