The NAACP needs a entire organizational “Retooling” in order to address the needs for the entire black community From NPR News

 NAACP Is Looking For New President, ‘Retooling’ Entire Organization

How many black folks today would say that the NAACP is looking out for their communities issues? I have no idea what the NAACP is doing for my local  community. I called once with an issue that I felt impacted not  only my family but the community in general. I was told that they couldn’t help me since nationally they already had a list of priorities. I could go on their website to see the list. I guess it’s​ time for a retool if the people in the community have difficulty contacting​ local people within the organization. Because I do my research I know that the NAACP has continued to fight local school districts to ensure that segregation and discrimination are not rampid in the schools. If I do more research I know that I will find other ways that the NAACP is working for the community. But that’s the problem the only people who seems to know what the NAACP is doing are people who either financially​ support, work within the NAACP, or maybe politicians. It’s especially sad that I used to regularly attend the local school board meetings​ and I can’t say that I saw the NAACP represented there unless it was for some special event.


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