Lawsuit: Men treated unfairly in college sex assault cases

So he claims that she sexually assaulted him after she made her initial claim. The university investigated her claim and he was expelled from the university. But the university never conducted a separate investigation of his claim. The university position being that his claim was in retaliation for her initial claim.

It will be interesting to see how this plays out. It will also be interesting to see what are the numbers for men claiming that they have been sexually assaulted by both other men and by women. I have been told that men reporting abuse are often met with amusement and ridicule. Needless to say this reaction causes sexual assault o males to be underreported. Another group of individuals who may underreport incidents of sexual assault are women who are assauled by other women. The reason for women not reporting this type of assault is also tied up with peoples perception of what exactly is sex. If the victim is unsure if what exactly took place is sex then it will be hard to convince someone else. 

Lawsuit: Men treated unfairly in college sex assault cases:

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